UKPS championing ethnic diversity and gender equality in construction

We aim to only employ the very best people at UKPS and are pleased that this, in itself, has led to excellent ethnic and gender diversity within the company. While most of our staff (83.5%) are British, 7% are from EU countries, with the rest of the world accounting for the remaining 9.5%. We have staff from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Holland, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Seychelles, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and Uganda. While there may be differences in nationality, our shared culture of hard work and professionalism, plus a passion for progression and success, brings the team together.

Of our 349 employees across the company, 22% are female. 21% of the senior managers at UKPS are female. For a company involved in construction, this is real gender diversity compared to the national total of women working in construction, which is only 14%. Sadly, the gender stereotyping of roles starts early, so enticing women into any construction roles needs to begin at an early age. Maybe it’s time that ‘Bob the Builder’ made way for ‘Emma the Engineer’ in the early years’ TV programme schedule.
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