Making Multi-Utility Processes Clearer

Making Multi-Utility Processes Clearer

Connections Guide imageWe’ve always provided as much information as possible to developers and builders to help them understand and navigate our connections processes and ensure everything fits with the regulations under which we operate. This year, we’ve added a guide to the Multi-utility Connection Process.

This comprehensive document takes you through the entire process, covering the statutory laws, how to apply and get quotes for connections, right through to the design process and, finally, the adoption of the network.

We take pride in delivering high quality, turnkey solutions for a wide range of utility connection requirements. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers and designers work hard to produce solutions that are cost-effective and future-proof. They understand the value of excellent communication on a project and have the skills and experience to incorporate changes to fit the build requirements.

The Multi-utility Connection Process guide explains the benefits of sourcing all of your connections – gas, electricity, water and fibre – from one provider and is available as a free download.

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