UKPS Commissions New Higher Level Water Industry Qualification

UKPS Commissions New Higher Level Water Industry Qualification

UKPS staff are proud to be the first recipients of the UKs first foundation degree level qualification in Developer Services Management, from training provider and developers, Learning & Development Associates (L&DA).

In 2020, UKPS gained full accreditation for water connections under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), operated by Lloyds Register on behalf of water utility companies. They were already aware that, to ensure they could keep up-to-date with industry regulations, maintain the high standards under which they operate for electricity and gas and maintain motivation, their staff would need access to high-level training. It soon became apparent that not only was this level of training not yet available for the water industry, but there was also no higher level industry-recognised qualification for water connections.

With developers given the right to engage Self Lay Organisations (SLO) to provide water infrastructure and a UK Government aspiration to see 300,000 new houses built each year, there was a growing need for an accredited competency in the provision of water infrastructure.

UKPS decided that L&DA were the right team to help develop the framework for a new Level 5 qualification. The process began with a full review of UK Power Solutions’ needs and procedures. That included interviews with key stakeholders in the organisation to obtain a thorough understanding of the industrys challenges. Next, a more detailed assessment was made of the regulations and the clients’ working procedures, giving the technical experts at L&DA a better understanding of the current and future skills gaps.

In January 2021, in conjunction with awarding body ProQual, L&D launched the UKs first higher-level qualification in Developer Services Management, led by their technical experts. Learners from UKPS were the first to engage in the new qualification, giving the first cohort of their team a broader knowledge of the water industry.

Agata Pytlak, Training Coordinator at UK Power Solutions, commented: We were very excited to liaise with L&DA whilst building the programme from scratch and now to see the immense impact it has already had on our learners only confirms the value of the training.”

The Level 5 Award in Developer Services Management in the Water and Environmental Industries is for learners who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the design and construction of Water and Wastewater Network infrastructure assets and services.

The qualification addresses the technical needs of managers and others working in the Water and Environmental Industries. It provides learners with a thorough understanding of the rationale for Water and Wastewater planning, design, construction and asset installation. It aims to support the technical needs of Managers, Engineers and others working in the Water and Environmental Industries, providing learners with a thorough understanding of the rationale for Water and Wastewater planning, design, construction and asset installation.

Glenn Jackson, Managing Director at L&DA, commented:
We are delighted to have been commissioned by UK Power Solutions to address this essential higher education level upskilling need. We congratulate the first UK students who have qualified for the Level 5 Management of Developer Services Award.

“Collaborating closely with key technical managers in UK Power Solutions, the L&DA team crafted a set of appropriate learning outcomes that resulted in a first of its kind qualification in Distribution Services Management. This new Level 5 framework addresses a gap in the competency requirements for learners performing at the higher level in the UK Water and Wastewater design sector, both in Water undertakers and in the wider supply chain. Learners study with the support of a Tutor and progress to assessment, working with their Assessor. The development of this qualification is a significant achievement as the successful students were effectively pathfinding the new certification on behalf of the sector.”

To be registered as an approved SLO, a contractor must undergo a comprehensive technical assessment by Lloyds Register to demonstrate their competency for accreditation under the appropriate Industry Registration Scheme; WIRS for water, GIRS for Gas and NIRS for power. This new qualification addresses the previous lack of higher-level provision and are typically five or six days in duration. To give the courses a real, practical focus, a series of operational scenarios were developed during the first delivery to allow learners to explore and further develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.

To find out more about our water connections offering go – or to put our highly-skilled workforce to the test for your development’s water requirements, contact us on 0845 2577105.

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