UKPS Holds Successful Safety Day at Swindon Town Football Club

UKPS Holds Successful Safety Day at Swindon Town Football Club

In a significant initiative towards promoting a culture of safety and reinforcing the importance of individual responsibility, UKPS brought together 250 construction and operations staff at Swindon Town Football Club on Friday, 5th January 2024.

The gathering included a diverse array of professionals, ranging from Operatives (gas, water, and electric) to Supervisors, Technicians, Engineers, Administration, Coordinators, Site Managers, Project Managers, and all levels of management. The primary objective of the assembly was to foster open dialogue and collective engagement in discussions related to safety.

The event featured two speakers from Macnaughton McGregor, known as 2macs, recognised specialists in Behavioural Safety. Their presentation resonated well with the audience, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise to instigate a standard shift in the way safety is perceived. The focus was on individual choices and situational conditions, underlining the crucial role each person plays in maintaining a safe working environment.

Several key aspects were covered included:

Consistent Safety Message: Bringing all UKPS Operational and Construction colleagues into a single discussion enabled the delivery of a unified and consistent safety message, emphasising its utmost importance in all aspects of their work.

2023 Performance Overview: The gathering provided an opportunity to reflect on the excellent performance of 2023, showcasing the collective achievements and contributions of the UKPS team in the past year.

Last Mile Values: The new Last Mile Group Values, were reiterated as part of the safety day, reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to the highest standards of safety and excellence. The 2024 Values Campaign was officially launched, with the ‘We Care’ phase placing a spotlight on the importance of safety. Demonstrating that value involves all of us consistently mastering the basics with care and attention to our work, our colleagues, and our customers day in day out.

Q&A Session – ‘We’re Here to Listen’: An interactive Q&A session allowed participants to engage with leadership, fostering open communication and ensuring that the concerns and perspectives of every team member were heard and addressed.

2 Macs Interactive Session: The highlight of the event was an interactive session led by 2macs, encouraging a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives on behavioural safety.

Gary Watson, UKPS Operations Director, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It was great to bring together all of our UKPS Operational and Construction colleagues and focus purely on Safety, which is the most important aspect of what we do. The aim was to empower our people to make the right choices and to speak up when necessary. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the day but also came away with a renewed impetus on working safely and doing the right thing.”

The safety day at Swindon Town Football Club marked a significant step towards enhancing safety consciousness and reinforcing a shared commitment to a secure and healthy working environment within UK Power Solutions.

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