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Career Paths

There is no set career path at UKPS. Our team is made up of people from different backgrounds, all with individual skill sets and diverse interests. They do, however, have one thing in common – passion. Passion to succeed; the passion to develop; the passion to progress. If you share this passion for the industry and to create a successful career for yourself, UKPS is the perfect platform from which to fulfil your potential.

Passion to Develop

Azadeh Fardyar couldn’t speak English when she first joined UKPS as a Junior Designer. However, it was clear that she had the spark we look for in our employees. We arranged English lessons for her and it became evident that she had a passion to learn.

Her desire to develop her knowledge and skills in her role has seen Azadeh become a Design Manager at our London office. With her unquenchable thirst for personal and professional development, she’s unlikely to stop there:

“I really enjoy the challenges and I don’t exaggerate when I say that every day you learn something new. I think in the engineering industry it is important to always develop your knowledge.”

Passion to Progress

David Richards served for 22 years in the military before joining UKPS. He was looking for a challenge when he left the forces and came to us to pursue something new.

UKPS were impressed with his leadership skills and saw his passion to progress on a new career path. UKPS hired him as a Project Manager with no previous experience in the industry.

David embraced the courses and training he received and has been a huge success. He has progressed to become Head of Construction for the West over a relatively short time and doesn’t look like slowing down. He wants to see UKPS continue to develop in the future too:

“Every year we exceed the targets that we are set which is pretty impressive. I see that continuing and UKPS becoming even better at what we do.”

We hope this shows you that it doesn’t matter what background you have if you want to join UKPS. If you have the passion to be a success, we will give you the tools and opportunities to open the doors to a career path you want.

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