Charging Rules for New Connection Services as of April 2024/2025

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UKPS is accredited by the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), operated by Lloyds Register on behalf of water utility companies. The scheme accredits UKPS to design, install, test and commission new water networks and service connections to a standard suitable for adoption by the incumbent water utility company. We work with our customers at all stages of a project, from initially establishing the availability of network capacity through to transferring the constructed assets over to the water company for full adoption.
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Ofwat sets revenue requirements for each water and sewerage or water only Undertaker, and uses these to determine the limits on what companies may recover from their customers. In doing so, it is Ofwat’s responsibility to both protect consumers and ensure that the companies are able to finance their operations.  It is the responsibility of Undertakers to fix their charges in accordance with the price limits set by Ofwat. Every year each water company must publish a charges scheme which sets out how charges will be apportioned between different customer groups. 

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