Electrical Connections (NERS)

UKPS, as an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), can compete with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to complete your electricity connection activities. All our work is carried out in accordance with the standards and procedures laid down by the distribution company that will ultimately adopt and maintain the connection, guaranteeing our customers a safe and reliable supply. UKPS can provide temporary electricity connections in addition to the main works onsite. We have full NERS accreditation to undertake New Connections work up to 33/66/132kV and meet the highest standards.

Delivering Over 20,000+ Connections a Year

UKPS provides a turnkey solution for new electrical connections from initial enquiry through to design, construction and final adoption of the network. We operate throughout the UK with a focus on Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Renewable and Mixed-Use connections. We offer many advantages over Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) for new connections.

Timely Quotation

All UKPS requires is a site plan and an accommodation schedule to provide a no obligation, fixed price estimation proposal for your connection works. Using the information provided, all relevant applications are made to acquire a fixed point of connection on which an outline design is based. A straightforward, simple to follow connection proposal and plan is produced detailing the exact works to be carried out. The proposal will provide a breakdown of both contestable and non-contestable works. We always offer our customers competitive pricing based on a specific scope of works, combined with a manageable payment plan.

Flexible Design

Following acceptance of a proposal, a formal handover is made to the UKPS in-house design departments, based in London, Gloucestershire and Warrington. A dedicated and experienced designer will work closely with you to ensure the installation meets your needs whilst adhering to the strict regulations of the accrediting bodies and the specifications required for adoption by the DNO.

Our design team has knowledge and experience of every type of connection. From Industrial and Commercial connections, such as large shopping malls and warehousing hubs, to expansive five-year residential projects, including houses, apartment buildings and student accommodation. UKPS has a diverse and demonstrable knowledge base allowing the design of bespoke connection solutions to suit any project.

Communication with a Dedicated Account Manager

Coordination between teams is essential in order to minimise disruption on site and keep to your deadlines. Our specialist connection project managers are experienced in working with and around other teams. They will coordinate our site works with other on-site teams to ensure all works go to plan.

Energisation Date

We provide you with a confirmed initial energisation date as early as possible in the project lifecycle. While certain works are reliant on the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), and are therefore limited by their availability, we work closely with the DNO in order to keep to your project deadlines. Flexibility is maintained throughout the delivery of the connection, as far as possible, to help you deliver your development.

Delivery with Flexible Plot Call Off

We understand the importance of flexibility in the connection process. Our design team quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges, presenting innovative and creative solutions to ensure your specific project requirements are met whilst still meeting the requirements of your project scope and programme. Flexible plot call off enables you to manage the build-out and energisation of your development.

Temporary Connections

Temporary connections, often referred to as Temporary Builders Supplies (TBS), can be offered in addition to the main connection works onsite. UKPS understands the importance of having your temporary supplies energised as soon as possible in order to get your site up and running.

In certain cases, a separate proposal can be provided for the temporary connection, so you have the option to accept the offer for temporary works whilst negotiations continue for the main connection works.

For a no obligation proposal and outline design email sales@ukpowersolutions.co.uk or call us on 0845 2577105
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Here are some of our connections projects: