EV Charging Infrastructure:

The rapid expansion of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is required to align with the uptake of electric vehicles and fleet decarbonisation.  UKPS offers solutions to support developers who are driving expansion with super hub connections and ultra rapid charging stations. UKPS can deliver innovative, cost-effective, flexible solutions to assist with your EV charging infrastructure plans.

With a wealth of experience in bespoke electrical connections and infrastructure projects, UKPS are well positioned to design and build EV infrastructure.

Our EV charging connections can be designed to suit the requirements of various sectors and, for specialist EV charging sectors, UKPS offers a reliable connection for the following types of developments:

  • EV charging hubs
  • Motorway service charging
  • Public charging
  • Forecourt charging hubs
  • Bus and truck charging
  • Fleet charging

Over the years UKPS has completed numerous EVC infrastructure connections, either standalone or as part of a residential or mixed-use development and we understand the complexity and demands of these connections. Working with customers to deliver cost-effective, flexible, turnkey solutions to the specific requirements of a project, UKPS will compliment your project and ensure project turnaround complies with your timescales. We offer an end-to-end service including, but not limited to, the design and construction of the required EHV/HV/LV network infrastructure for the requirement of EV charging points.

Our expert team of engineers, as well as a thorough understanding of network configuration, constraints and available capacity, results in a flexible solution for your requirements. In addition, we will facilitate the intricacies surrounding the legal process and create a bespoke commercial payment plan to meet your cash flow requirements and build programme.

UKPS liaise directly with the District Network Operators (DNO) and manage your grid connection by designing and installing all associated equipment to high standards in line with DNO specifications.

Each project is supported by a dedicated, supportive team, with clearly identified points of contact, who will guide you through each step of the process, providing a clear and efficient connection solution.

UKPS offer customers:

  • fixed price estimation proposal for your connection work
  • in-house design engineering
  • a dedicated account manager
  • energisation when you need it
  • manageable payment plans
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