Gas Connections (GIRS)

UKPS, as a utility infrastructure provider (UIP), designs and builds gas networks from a point of connection agreed with the incumbent Gas Transporter (GT). We have full GIRS accreditation to undertake New Connections work up to 7Bar (intermediate pressure) and meet the highest industry delivery standards.

Delivering Over 20,000+ Connections a Year

UKPS is a specialist in delivering high quality solutions within the gas sector. Our services are tailored to your needs at every stage of your project. We deliver connections on to the existing mains gas networks across the whole UK and employ our own teams of gas craftsmen. We can also carry out reinforcement and diversion works with permission from the GT.


All UKPS requires is a site plan and an accommodation schedule to provide a no obligation, fixed price estimation proposal for your gas connection works. Using the information provided, all relevant applications are made to acquire a fixed point of connection on which an outline design is based. We pride ourselves on our in-depth industry and gas regulatory knowledge to give you the most competitive pricing.

Flexible Design

Following acceptance of a proposal, a formal handover is made to the UKPS in-house Gas design departments based in London, Gloucestershire and Warrington. Our teams have the expertise to design gas networks from the Connected System Exit Point (CSEP) to the meter points at your development, including the design and installation of pressure reduction installations. We always look for the best design solutions and can help with future proofing the new network for additional developments and new building phases. No two developments are the same and we are experienced at dealing with the GT’s to manage diversions of any existing service or mains.

Communication with a Dedicated Account Manager.

Coordination between teams is essential in order to minimise disruption on site and keep to your deadlines. Our specialist connection project managers are experienced in working with and around other teams and managing multi-utility projects. They will coordinate our site works with other on-site teams to ensure all works are delivered to plan and on schedule.

Energisation Date

We provide you with a confirmed energisation date as early as possible in the project lifecycle. While certain works are reliant on the incumbent Gas Transporter (GT), we work closely with the GT in order to keep to your project deadlines. Flexibility is maintained throughout the delivery of the connection to help you deliver your development on time.

Delivery with Flexible Plot Call Off

We understand the importance of flexibility in the connection process to ensure your specific project requirements are met. Our engineers have the expertise to provide flexible plot calls offs and completions, coordinating with your build programmes and completion dates.

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