Ground Source Heat Networks

The Future Homes Standard will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency; it will be introduced by 2025. A heat network is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing carbon emissions from heating and they are an essential part of our future clean energy infrastructure. UKPS is well placed to support house builders in the migration from gas heating to zero-carbon solutions with our Ground Source Heat Network options.

The Heat Network

A ground source heat network utilises plastic insulated pipes to extract heat from the earth, providing an abundant and efficient source of heating and hot water year-round. This process ensures that the energy harnessed from the ground surpasses the electricity used to power the system, making it a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your developments. We have flexibility to design heat networks with a centralised heat pump plant room, which can be a great solution for larger developments or where internal space in individual properties is restricted, or with ground source heat pumps in and owned by each property. UKPS provide a full turnkey solution from initial enquiry, through design to construction and final adoption of the heat network by Last Mile Heat.

Estimating & Design

We start with an understanding of your key requirements for the development and require a site layout and accommodation schedule to enable us to cost for the heat network infrastructure. UKPS have a dedicated team to handle all your heat network developments, this ensures you have one point of contact through the design, build and adoption of the ground source heat network, who will coordinate between teams to facilitate a smooth process.

Full multi-utility offering

Alongside designing, building, and adopting your ground source heat network, we can provide a comprehensive utility service to provide electricity, water, and fibre connections to your developments. Our multi-utility offering allows us to create the best design solutions, improve efficiency and communication, and deliver the most cost-effective options. As UKPS are a Last Mile Group company, this allows an efficient adoption process with Last Mile adopting and maintaining each utility.

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