Multi-Utility Networks

UKPS offers multi-utility solutions, providing our clients with electricity, gas, water and fibre installation under one contract.
This has many advantages over placing separate orders with different connection providers, including the cost savings of shared trenching, both onsite and offsite. Having one approved supplier for multiple services means one point of contact for the client, improving efficiency and communication.

We Deliver Over 20,000+ Connections a Year

UKPS is a specialist in delivering high-quality solutions within the gas and electricity sector. Since 2019 we have added water and fibre to our offering providing customers with a full multi-utility option. All our services are tailored to your needs at every stage of your project.

Joined Up Thinking

We offer precise estimations and a flexible in-house design service from our offices in London, Gloucestershire and Warrington. Our design engineer teams have the expertise to design electricity, gas and water networks from the existing network points of connection all the way to the meter points at your development, including the project management of reinforcements and diversions. We always look for the best design solutions and can help with future proofing the new network for additional developments and new building phases.

Communication with a Dedicated Account Manager.

Getting multiple different teams to communicate can be a challenge, particularly on large or complex developments. Choosing UKPS to design and build a multi-utility solution allows UKPS to provide one point of contact to the customer for the management of all utility connections, reducing your time spent managing contractors and improving operational efficiency.

Simply put, multi-utility solutions streamline the utility connection process, saving you time and money.

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Here are some of our connections projects: