Azadeh Fardyar

“It’s important to always develop your knowledge”

Azadeh is constantly learning which helps move UKPS forward

Beginning as a Junior Designer at our Head Office in Stonehouse, Azadeh Fardyar has been with UKPS for seven years. Her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and passion to learn has seen her become Design Manager at our London office.

Everyone is close

Azadeh joined UKPS when the staff totalled 12. Since then we have seen incredible growth and look to continue the trend. As part of the management team, Azadeh is aware that communication between departments and management is vital to the success of UKPS. She has noticed that the company has not changed in this regard since she started:
“I think the company is so personable. Everyone is so close, including the Directors. You are not a number. You feel comfortable asking someone if you are having a problem and they will help you a lot. They help you develop your skills to do a better job.”

Constantly improving

UKPS always look to hire the right type of people. The drive to always develop and improve is mirrored in our staff. Azadeh has certainly developed during her time with UKPS. This began on her first day and has continued since:

“When I first started with UKPS my English was not good, it was so difficult to communicate. UKPS helped me by providing English lessons which I am very grateful for.

“I am constantly trying to improve my management skills. When your team is growing it is important to be able to manage efficiently and effectively for each individual you are responsible for.”

Not staying still

UKPS are always looking to grow, develop and improve our services to clients. The world is always changing and so is our industry. Azadeh has noticed changes during her career and is looking forward to what the future holds. She can’t wait to build on her already impressive industry expertise:

“I really enjoy the challenges and I don’t exaggerate when I say that every day you learn something new. I think in the engineering industry it is important to always develop your knowledge. The industry is always changing.

“UKPS are looking to increase their work in gas connectivity, so I am looking forward to this as it will be something new to me. It shows me that UKPS is not staying still, we are always moving forward.”

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