Dual lay connections at Ladden Garden Village

Barratt Homes choose UK Power Solutions for Ladden Garden Village

Ladden Garden Village is a new mixed use development of up to 2500 homes and light Industrial and Commercial units, split over two phases. UK Power Solutions (UKPS) will supply dual lay support, designing and installing the high voltage network with 6 substations, as well as the connection to gas and electricity for each home and business unit.

Richard Brain, Business Development Engineer at UKPS, explains the thinking: “Barratts were looking for a partner that could provide real flexibility into the programme of works on the site. We knew we were competitively priced and had a good track history with past projects, but with three other competitors tendering we had to think differently and really demonstrate that we understood the scope of the project and where the pressure points might be. We offered a completely bespoke package, tailored to the Ladden Garden project, which included:

A smarter phased project build

UKPS’s in-house design department worked beside Barratt Homes with the phasing plan, to speed up the build and sales process. This will allow them to get the first phase complete in the shortest time, with the connections in place for Phase Two.

Flexibility in plot connection call off

UKPS’s systems will enable Barratts to have a clear view of when homes are connected and the ability to order connections as and when buildings become ready.

A bespoke sub-contract agreement that works for Barratts

We provided a subcontract agreement which minimises risk to Barratt Homes, with an added break out clause if the development slows.

Dual lay, saving time and money

Dual lay allows for even better onsite coordination. Trenching can be shared both on and off-site to save time and money. Having one supplier for both services reduces paperwork and improves efficiency.

Single point of contact

We offer regular account management updates with the same Business Development Engineer, guaranteeing continuity.”

“UKPS demonstrated a clear understanding of the development process and the requirements of large scale house building. The project is now in the final stages of design coordination with all service providers working together to provide a coherent services package. UKPS continue to assist in the decision-making process when it comes to how the connections are structured and advising on key service elements of the project. This knowledge is crucial for future proofing the development and hitting our deadlines. I’m looking forward to a strong future partnership with Richard and the UKPS team.”
Mark Rooney, Project Manager, Barratt Homes (Bristol Division)

No Obligation Proposal

For a no obligation proposal and outline design email sales@ukpowersolutions.co.uk or call us on 0845 2577105.

Ladden Garden Village - UKPS case study

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