Darren Fox

‘Mr Wembley’ has a Bright Future

From Electrician to Project Manager, Darren has thrived at UKPS

Darren Fox has been with UKPS for 18 months and is one of our most promising young Project Managers. Having joined as a Site Supervisor, his site knowledge and industry expertise has seen him climb the ranks and he is now overseeing our prestigious Wembley Park project. He is affectionately known as ‘Mr Wembley.’

Go for it

Darren’s background as a fully qualified Electrician and High Voltage Jointer gave him solid foundations in the industry that UKPS are experts in. Although successful in his profession, Darren’s ambitions pushed him to look at other opportunities open to him:

“I was approached by a recruiter regarding a role at UKPS. I did my research on the company and was impressed with what I found. The role gave me an opportunity to come off the tools and become a Supervisor. Although UKPS was a smaller company than the one I was working for at the time, I saw the potential and decided to go for it!”

Prevent Problems

Darren’s role spans across various departments in order to successfully deliver completed projects to our clients. From handover of designs through to installation, Darren utilises his organisation, knowledge and passion to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Of course, as with any industry, problems do occur, but Darren enjoys it when they do:

“My favourite part of the job is overcoming challenges you face. Every day you could have problems that you’ve never come across before and you have to find ways of solving them without creating other issues. I like to plan a job and, if there’s a problem, think of the best solution to it.

“I like preventing problems too. I try to visit sites regularly and identify issues before they happen. It’s much better than visiting a month later and finding an issue.”

There’s no stopping us

It is remarkable how much Darren has progressed in his short time with UKPS. Similarly, our company has achieved massive growth in a short space of time and Darren shares our aspirations to continue this trend:

“I think over the next five years UKPS will be the number one ICP, especially in London. We keep growing and growing, so if we keep doing what we’re doing there’s no stopping us!”

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