David Richards

“I started as a completely blank canvas”

David’s secret to success is to stay determined and flexible

Joining UKPS as a Project Manager, David Richards has enjoyed seven years with us and has climbed the ranks to become Head of Construction, West. Having served 22 years in the military, which included some time with an electrical and mechanical engineering team, his search for a new challenge lead him to UKPS and he has been an integral part of our phenomenal success over the past seven years.

Time and effort

David’s time in the military gave him solid foundations in leadership and organisational skills during high-pressure situations. These foundations were perfect for him to build his career in a completely new industry at UKPS:

“I got interviewed as a Project Manager without any prior experience in the electrical industry. At first I got really closely mentored. UKPS put a lot of time and effort into developing my skills and knowledge. I started as a completely blank canvas.

“It was a steep learning curve. Being process-driven and being able to adapt to anything that comes through the door helped me with the transition.”

Variety and challenge

The construction industry is unique in the way that every project is completely different. New processes, new sites and new challenges are awaiting our team in each project we work on. This may daunt some people, but David takes it in his stride:

“I love the variety and challenge of the job. No two days are the same.

“As I’ve developed and grown I understand the market and how we operate. I enjoy the interaction with our teams and our clients. Things can easily go wayward so we encourage lots of communication to stay on the same page and tackle problems with the right solutions for everyone.”

Premier ICP

As Head of Construction in the West, David oversees a large number of projects across the country. The number of projects he is part of increases each year and he doesn’t see that changing in the future:

“I drive along the motorway and see all the projects I have been involved in. I like to point them out, much to the delight of my kids!

“Our growth has been massive. When I joined in 2010 there were 17 people in the company, now we have over 200. Every year we exceed the targets that we are set which is pretty impressive. I see that continuing and UKPS becoming even better at what we do. We must be the premier ICP out there now and I don’t see that changing.”

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