Ewelina Nurse

“I wasn’t looking for this job, it found me!”

Ewelina likes to play ‘detective’ at UKPS

Ewelina Nurse started as a part-time Finance Administrator at UKPS almost five years ago. As the company developed and grew, so did her role. Now as Project Accountant, Ewelina looks after our many projects and tries to ensure that they are delivered within budget. This is a challenging job, but Ewelina loves it.

A great career path

Before joining us Ewelina was a successful self-employed Book Keeper. UKPS was impressed with her CV and invited her to an interview:

“I wasn’t looking for a job at the time, it found me! I had a phone call from an agency saying they had sent my CV to UKPS and they thought I was the person they were looking for. I went to the interview to see what would happen and got offered the job before I got home!

“My career path has been great here. UKPS have been very flexible with hours and with the training they offer. It’s great. The company is growing so much that you never know what opportunities will emerge in the future.”

Being a detective

As the Finance department has grown to keep up with the success of the company, Ewelina has had the fantastic opportunity to tailor her own role and take advantage of her skill set, which has been a benefit to her as well as UKPS. However, there are certain elements of her job she enjoys most:

“I love the role I’m doing because it keeps me in contact with our clients which I enjoy. But my favourite part is the project analytics side of things.

“It’s like being a detective. You go and find out why something has gone wrong and figure out how we can plan for the future to prevent these issues happening again.”


UKPS is all about support. We like to guide our clients to find the right solutions, as well as support our staff with training and development to help them achieve their career ambitions.

Ewelina gets a lot of job satisfaction in her role through this emphasis on support:

“Providing the information for higher level management is where I get the most satisfaction. Putting the work in and being appreciated for what you do is great. You feel like a real part of the business, providing the valuable data that goes on to support important commercial decisions.

“We in the Finance Department support the other departments. That’s what we do and that’s where we get our enjoyment from.”

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