Joe Hunwick

“I enjoy having a strong influence on the way we do things”

Joe loves solving problems

Joe Hunwick first joined UKPS seven years ago as a Project Manager and has progressed to become our Business and Estimating Manager for the London office. His natural people management skills and a keen eye for detail make him the perfect person to manage and continually improve the day to day activities of the Estimating department.

A large company, but a personable ethos

Graduating with a degree in Structural and Civil Engineering and gaining qualifications in Electrical Distribution, Joe joined UKPS as only the seventh staff member at Head Office. He has seen the tremendous steps we have taken first hand over the past few years:

“It’s been great to see the company grow. Although we are a large company now, we have kept it personable and retained the benefits you get from a small company. Everyone knows everyone, so it’s a fantastic place to work.”

Problem solvers

UKPS have a track record of hiring the right people for the right jobs. When people enjoy their work they will thrive.

Joe is proof of this, feeling comfortable with his managerial responsibilities and putting his problem-solving skills to the test:

“I enjoy having a strong influence on the way we do things and I’ve always enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of my job. I think it’s the same for most of the guys in the department. We enjoy overcoming challenges that are presented to us.”

They soon dropped our competitors

Expert electrical engineering knowledge can be found across all departments at UKPS. It is important that whoever our customers are in contact with, they feel confident that we will provide them with the service they expect. Joe recalls a particularly rewarding project he was part of:

“For two years I was heavily involved in getting the project estimated with the main developer. There were a lot of changes and suggestions on how to do things and we eventually got the order.

“The best part was that the developer soon realised that we were coming up with good solutions and costing fairly. They soon dropped our competitors and continued discussions with us because they knew they were getting an unbeatable service.

“We will always try and offer what we feel is the best solution for the client and give our advice when needed.”

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