Konstantinos Terzis

Graduate training

“From the moment I started, I have never stopped learning.”

Konstantinos gained his BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus in Greece before moving to the UK in 2016 to work in a non-engineering role in the North East of England.

His prime interest coming out of university was the “electrical power network”, so when a recruitment agency asked if they could pass his CV to UKPS, it seemed like the perfect fit. UKPS interviewed him and offered him a place on their Graduate Training Scheme to train as an Estimating Engineer so, in 2018, he moved to Warrington and enrolled on the course.

The two-year training programme covers every aspect of the job, with two days per month dedicated to formal training and the rest of the time learning on the job. This mix enables trainees to fully engage with the training and understand the practical applications of what they are learning. The learning continues in the workplace: “Every time I came across something I don’t know, my manager spends time with me to explain what it is, what I am supposed to do with it and how it affects my work or my projects, so my training is continual, not just confined to two days a month.”

Konstantinos has now completed the course and earned a promotion to Intermediate Estimating Engineer. He is keen to gain a broader understanding of the company and the sectors in which they work by learning more about each department in the business. He was pleased to meet people from different UKPS offices on the training programme and be allowed time to become friends with them. Even though not everybody on the programme continued with the company, he keeps in touch with most of his fellow trainees.

Progression for Konstantinos is all about continuing to learn. He says, “from the moment I started with UKPS, I have never stopped learning. If you are willing to learn, UKPS is more than happy to teach you. For me, that is the most important aspect of a job – UKPS is great at that.”

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