Pelin Morgan

“What we do here touches so many people’s lives.”

From Design Engineer to Design and Planning Supervisor, Pelin’s aptitude, drive and eye for detail have guaranteed her progression.

Originally from Turkey, Pelin completed her Electrical Engineering degree in Turkey before moving to London to complete a Masters degree in Engineering with Management. The electricity network in Turkey is different from that in the UK, but that hasn’t proven to be a problem for Pelin.  Her skill, drive and eye for detail mean that she is now supporting a team of designers, on a number of projects, while also heading up some projects of her own.

Opportunities for progression

UKPS offers many opportunities for career progression, from Designer to Project Manager for instance and, as the company has now moved into the gas connection market, our people can progress their careers in a number of directions. Pelin is happy working with electrical design: “I don’t know how many projects I have designed to date, it must be over sixty. Imagine how many houses that is? It touches so many lives! I’ve always wanted to do a job where I can leave something behind when I die and that’s what I’m doing here. There are different challenges to every project, but every time you complete a project you gain something and get a real feeling of satisfaction. You’re not just sitting at your desk the whole time either, you get to visit the sites too, which gives you a better appreciation for the job that you’re doing.”

Like a family

Pelin’s role is developing and growing all the time and has changed a great deal even in the last three years. “You can see the progression and you do your best to help the customer, which helps the company too. UKPS is very nice and friendly, more like a family and it’s good to be part of it. It’s great that everybody is working towards the same goal and the company is successful because of that – everybody does their best to push it forward which feels good.”

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