Rhiannon Tuffin

“I like being organised”

Rhiannon has improved our efficiency and communication during her first year with us.

Rhiannon Tuffin joined UKPS last year as Health Safety Environmental and Quality Administrator. Conducting audits and administrative duties on a daily basis, her bubbly personality and willingness to learn has already seen her become an invaluable member of the team.

Great atmosphere

After completing her A Levels in English Literature, Maths and Geography, Rhiannon was not sure what career to pursue. She saw a lot of potential in UKPS after her interview which helped her decide to join the company:

“The office had a great atmosphere when I came in. Everyone was really welcoming. I felt like there was a lot of promise as my first job; there are a lot of opportunities here.

“Since I’ve worked here I have already been given the opportunity to move into different roles. I enjoy what I do at the moment, but it’s great to know that the opportunities to change your path are available to you.”

Present yourself properly

Rhiannon’s role includes making sure the information we have for our suppliers and subcontractors is up to date. This requires a lot of contact with external stakeholders and Rhiannon is aware of the responsibility this carries:

“Communication skills are extremely important, you have to be confident in talking to people and requesting information. I am in contact with lots of people outside of UKPS so I have to represent the company in a professional and positive manner.”

Streamlined and organised

UKPS are looking to continue our impressive levels of growth over the next several years. This means an increased variety and level of workload for Rhiannon and her department. She knows this and is ready for the challenge:

“I love being organised. Organisational skills are important for this role and will be even more so in the future as we grow and enter new markets like gas installations.

“We are bringing in a new system for auditing later this year, so hopefully the process will become even more streamlined which should help us deal with the growth we expect in the future.”

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