New connections to student accommodation at Pebble Mill

UK Power Solutions Provides Flexible Connections Design at Pebble Mill for Morgan Sindall

The whole Pebble Mill site is a mixed-use scheme that covers 27 acres. The £4million 300 bedroom student accommodation project, on the site of the former BBC Pebble Mill studios, is part of the Vita Student Brand.  With views of the University of Birmingham, it provides luxury student accommodation, with a ground floor hub providing ancillary facilities such as a private on-site gym, cinema room,  laundry room and private study rooms.

Morgan Sindall, together with Glancy Nicholls Architects, Design Fire Consultants and  Ball & Berry, worked on the project, for Calthorpe Estates.

UKPS became involved in the student accommodation project following a referral for cabling. Rickesh Joshi explains:

One Point of Contact

“Morgan Sindall asked us to quote for the HV and connections work. We provided a competitive quote and they liked having one point of contact. We had a handle on the project from day one, as communication is key for getting a project from design, through construction, to completion.

In-house Capabilities

Timescales were key for Morgan Sindall and because we do everything in-house (design, construction and legal), we could get to site quicker. The legal side was important because Morgan Sindall, and the company they’re working for, were working on behalf of third party land owner, Calthorpe Estates.

Flexible Design Process

This was a dual lay job with HV and LV diversions across the site entrance and an HV point of connection on the other side of Pershore Road, going into a brand new substation, with LVs from the substation going into a service termination cubicle in their basement plant room.  The load requirement was unclear until Morgan Sindall were able to get a clear view of their requirements for back up supplies, fire fighting and smoke detection equipment. We had to be flexible in our design process as the load requirement changed three times. We also had to ensure there was no discrepancy in the load when we converted everything from kilowatts to the kilovolt-amps in which we work.”

“Rickesh is really helpful and always fully engaged in the project. Commercially, the quote from UKPS was good and they were proactive from the start, checking available capacity with Western Power Distribution before commencement to ensure there would be sufficient load available.

UKPS have been happy to engage with external parties, such as the local authorities, with regard to bringing power onto the site, which has proved an immense help in keeping the construction side of the job moving smoothly. They’re the kind of people that we like to work with.”

Mick Slevin, Morgan Sindall Building Services Manager, Midlands

No Obligation Proposal

For a no obligation proposal and outline design email or call us on 0845 2577105.

Pebble Mill case study

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