Fletton Quays Commercial Connections

UKPS Delivers Flexible Network Design for New Commercial Development in Peterborough

Fletton Quays in Peterborough is a major urban regeneration project for the area. This prime riverfront development site, close to the city’s major road and rail connections and just a short walk from the city’s main commercial, shopping and recreational areas, is set between the River Nene and the Peterborough-March railway line. 

The 6.4 hectare scheme includes 350 high-quality riverside apartments, office space (including the council’s 100,000 sq ft headquarters office complex), a 160-bed Hilton Garden Inn, restaurant, leisure and retail opportunities, as well as cycle and pedestrian links, new public spaces and a dedicated wildlife area. The Grade II Listed engine and goods sheds on the site will be restored to their original condition.

Rickesh Joshi, Business Development Engineer at UKPS: “Skanska were taking the lead on the industrial and commercial element of the development and invited us to quote for the connections work. UKPS was able to show both an understanding of the ongoing phases for the development and a willingness to work closely with Skanska to ensure we would fit in with their programme of works. We have now supplied and fitted two sub-stations and our designers are in regular contact with Skanska to ensure everything goes exactly to their plan.

“We understand that, in today’s fast moving business climate, developers need to be flexible with their design scope to factor in all eventualities, from phased builds to changing economic forecasts. At the end of the day everyone wants to get the most return on investment from every square metre, to maximise profit and ensure that the new builds are marketable.”

Flexibility and control

For Gohar Hayat from Skanska there were a number of benefits to using UKPS rather than the Distribution Network Operator (DNO): “With UKPS in a supply chain direct to us we were able to discuss our requirements with them to ensure everything was carried out according to our programme. That was very important to us because programme management is critical on these types of works. With UKPS, when we had a trench open we knew that the installation of the service would take place according to our programme, we could then close it off and carry on with our work. You don’t always have that same level of communication and control with a DNO.”

Future-proofing and adaptability

“The UKPS design engineers had the foresight to verify the future demands and requirements of the site at the outset and have designed the network connections with that in mind. Being able to talk directly with the designer from UKPS on a regular basis, to refine the design according to the clients’ requirements, enabled us to be adaptable when we needed to be. UKPS are putting in the main electrical supply to a whole development, to supply power to all of the flats, the council buildings –  everything that’s going into this new development. There was no power there before. They’ve already supplied a couple of sub stations, taking a connection from the UKPN primary (provided by UKPN) out to the highway and across the rest of the development. Their work on our project is 90% complete – they have performed well and made sure their work fitted well in our programme.”

No Obligation Proposal

For a no obligation proposal and outline design email sales@ukpowersolutions.co.uk or call us on 0845 2577105.

Fletton Quays UKPS case study

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