Welcome to the UKPS Career Vacancies Page

Like the company itself, our staff at UKPS are always finding ways to develop and grow. They never stay still.

We firmly believe that people make a company. UKPS strive to create an environment where our workforce can thrive. We know when to offer training, support and guidance to our staff, and in turn, our staff have helped to turn UKPS into the UK’s leading multi-utility connections provider. The industry is always evolving and we are at the forefront thanks to the passion our people have for what they do.

These vacancies and careers pages give you a taste for what it is like to work for UKPS. On the staff profiles page, you can read first-hand accounts from some of our staff members who make up the UKPS team, each with different backgrounds and responsibilities. Learn why they chose to work for us, and how careers progress within the company, from entry level positions to senior management.

Do you feel that you would be the perfect fit for UKPS? Browse our current vacancies below and make the first step to starting your story with us. Applications for all of our vacancies can be submitted online, using the form provided.

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